InnoClean ™ Cleanroom Packaging

clean room packaging

InnoClean ™
Cleanroom Packaging

We offer a wide range of bag products for demanding packaging applications in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Our Cleanroom Bags and Rolls are supplied in a different variety of designs and measurements to cater to a big array of applications. 

There are a lot of determining factors involved in choosing a cleanroom classification and every industry has a default standard to start with. In medical device packaging, for instance, the default classification is ISO 7 (or a class 10,000) cleanroom. Our cleanroom was constructed based on class 10,000 in order to cater for pharmaceutical & medical packaging, semiconductor packaging, nutrition food packaging and etc. Besides, we have our own in-house lab facility to perform some basic testing; including surface resistivity, thickness, tensile, elongation, seal strength, bonding strength, puncture resistance, coefficient of friction, aging and acceleration, etc.

InnoClean ™ Products

InnoClean ™ range of products and some of its application used in different industries listed below:

Standard Packaging Details

  • 100 pcs of cleanroom bags into a clean PE bag and double bagged
  • 20 bags of clean PE bag into a paper carton box
  • Roll form with a plastic core and into an outer clean PE bag and double bagged
  • Customized packing according to customer’s requirement can be arranged