turtle iconAqualene

Aqualene was established in response to the growing concern on the proliferation of plastics in our water, air, and food chain. The Earth is practically swarmed with plastic waste. While there is an ongoing campaign to educate consumers about 3R (reduce, reuse & recycle), more and more plastics are still going into the landfills, our seas, and rivers. Our goal is to offer a sustainable substitute to petroleum-based plastic films to replace single-use packaging. 

Aqualene Life Cycle

Aqualene is a bio-based polymer compound, manufactured from mostly cassava, cornstarch, and vegetable oil derivatives. Aqualene is micro plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, and it breaks down in the water. Aqualene is designed to be marine safe.

Aqualene Unique Properties: 

  • Micro-plastic free – Aqualene is 100% organic, it will not contribute to micro-plastic pollution.
  • Biodegradable & compostable – Aqualene does not need end of life processing facility. It can degrade naturally with the help of macro and micro-organisms.
  • Breaks down in the water – Aqualene breaks down immediately in the water at 80°C and above. Aqualene breaks down slowly in lower water temperatures.
  • Marine Safe – Since Aqualene is 100% organic and breaks down in the water, the marines in the ocean will not be harmed even when they ingest it.